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It's expected that the internet user will be 80 millions about 2005 by explosive growth of the internet. The 'ubiquitous' concept will make it possible that everybody use the internet built in TVs, cars, electric home appliances and construction equipments in their normal life. However today's internet allows only 32-bit addressing spaces not enough to accept the current and coming services and dose not satisfy the new requirements such for security, real-time transmission and quality of services(QoS). That's why the new technology, 'IPv6' has come to the front.

The new technology(IPv6) provides the enough address spaces ready to accept the various services and explosive growth of the internet users and guarantees the 'Quality of Service(QoS)' for multimedia data which requires real-time transmission by recognizing and handling the data packets separately belong to special flows of services and supports the authentication of the sender, integrity and confidentiality of data and mobility at layer 3.

The leading technologies applicable in existing and future internet environment are now being developed in our laboratory. The mobility support at layer 3(Mobile IP), Domain Name Service(DNS), Quality of Service for internet and Security for IPv6, Mobile IPv6, and network are major interesting and researching projects in our lab. Especially, we have experiences and technologies on the Mobile IP and take the leader over institutes and companies.

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