What is MediBase?

MediBase is a platform for information exchange and contracts for the plastic surgery and cosmetics based on the Blockchain technology. Medibase is to provide a market to exchange information about the plastic surgery as well as cosmetics, which are especially important to women. The platform also enables customers to purchase cosmetics and plastic surgery using smart contracts.

Our vision and solution

      Relationship between participants in the market

    The medibase cosmetics and plastic surgery market is composed of :
  • Customers: two types of customers can be distinguished, domestic customers who are Koreans and customers from overseas who want to receive advanced services from Korea, such as China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Middle East.
  • In the plastic surgery area, there are agency for plastic surgery this is especially for overseas customers, and subordinate service provider.
  • In the cosmetics area, there is a direct seller that provides cosmetics to foreigners and the domestics customers can directly purchase from the cosmetics companies.

Volume of the market

Plastic surgery market

30 billions

The global plastic surgery market is estimated to be about 30 billions US dollars by 2017.

5-7 billions

The Korean plastic surgery market is estimated to be between 5 trillion and 7 trillion won.

Cosmetics market

47 billions

The size of the cosmetics market in China is estimated at 47 trillion won (as of 2016) and is expected to grow to about 60 trillion won by 2021.

14 billions

The Korean cosmetics market is estimated at 14 trillion won per year (as of 2016).

1st PRESALE !!!

1st PRESALE !!!

1st PRESALE !!!

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Problems of the existing solutions

Current APPs related to plastic surgery and cosmetics are based toward advertising, so it is hard for consumers to get the correct and reliable information.

Korean healthcare professionals who operate the plastic surgery and beauty related businesses also spend a lot of money on high-priced advertising channels to recruit agencies and foreign customers. In addition to that they are also likely to get fake feedback on the services they provide. This makes Korean healthcare professionals not to make enough profits, thus the quality of services will be deteriorated. This current situation is causing serious barriers on the proliferation of Korean medical services and the recruitment of overseas customers.

Six major features of MediBase

    MediBase platform based on the Blockchain technology consists of the following six parts:
  • The system that provides information about plastic surgery, reviews and rewards.
  • The platform to provide a competitive contract environment related to the plastic surgery.
  • Comprehensive services for overseas customers for the plastic surgery.
  • The system to provide information about cosmetics, write reviews and pay a reward.
  • The system that recommends cosmetics and personalized makeup methods.
  • The system providing the direct purchase of cosmetics for overseas customers.

Medicoin exchange procedure

Token distribution

  • Token sale(37%)
  • Early Bird Bonus(3%)
  • Hold and Strategy Development(15%)
  • Activities for Exchange Listing(2%)
  • Advisors and Partnership(10%)
  • Reserve(20%)
  • Ecosystem-Reservation(7%)

Team members

Choi Jong-hyoun
Technical developer

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Ryu Seong-geun
Technical developer

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Kim Duk-ki
Technical developer

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Paerk Sang-myeon
Technical developer

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Vially Kazadi Mutombo
Technical developer

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Baek Cheol-eon
Technical developer

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Lim Ho-tae
Technical developer

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